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However, these lipids play a more critical role in a host of v q scan processes such as programmed cell death and inflammatory cascades, yet researchers know little about their regulation. A recent study in the Journal of Lipid Research by Christopher Green and colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth University v q scan the complexity of regulating sphingolipid biosynthesis.

Two hundred years after Robert Hooke discovered cells, scientists got curious about the invisible barriers surrounding animal cells. Almost 50 years later, researchers described the dual nature of the fluid mosaic model of the cell membrane as both hydrophobic and v q scan due to its lipid and protein components.

Chief among the lipids is cholesterol. Cholesterol allows for a firm yet permeable cell membrane and is involved in steroid production. Now, a new study in the Journal of Lipid Research by Pawanthi Buwaneka and colleagues at the University of Illinois at Chicago has uncovered additional roles in cell signaling for cholesterol, specifically in the inner layer of the double-layered membrane.

Using advanced imaging analysis, the authors show how the level of cholesterol in the inner layer is tightly regulated to control intracellular signaling processes. This new role of cholesterol as a signal propagator could have implications for studying cell physiology. Clementine Adeyemi is a Ph.

Outside the lab, she is v q scan about outreach through organizations such as Empowering Female Minds in Stem to broaden who gets to do science.

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Postponing This May Keep Dementia at Bay What Are Researchers Doing to Stop Dementia. Sign Up for MedicineNet Newsletters. By V q scan Norton HealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Sept.

Using data on more than 20,000 older Americans, researchers estimated that if all of those people waited until age 67 to retire, their collective cognitive health would benefit. In theory, spending more years on the job would be protective in a "use it or lose it" kind of way, explained lead researcher Jo Mhairi Hale of the University of St. Her team started with data v q scan more than 20,000 Americans aged 55 to 75 who took part in a long-running health survey called the Health v q scan Retirement Study.

The researchers used statistical methods to estimate what would happen if all study participants were "forced" to delay retirement until at least age 67. And some people might retire earlier because their mental acuity is declining. Hale said the Health and Retirement Study examined a "plethora of life-course factors," so that allowed her team to account for some of that complexity.

In the end, the researchers calculated that delaying retirement until age 67 or older would help v q scan retain some mental sharpness. On average, the group lost about 1 point on their cognitive v q scan between the ages of v q scan and 67; delaying retirement, the researchers estimated, could reduce that by one-third.

That was not because the extra work years offered bonus brain power. It was because earlier retirement was linked to a faster cognitive decline, the researchers said.

Similarly, Sexton said, a range of factors sway dementia risk, from genes to health conditions v q scan high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease to obesity and lack of exercise. That caveat made, Sexton agreed that staying on the job might be beneficial if it provides people with mental stimulation and social interaction. A body of research suggests those things may help protect v q scan aging brain.

Retirement could be used as a "springboard," Sexton said, freeing up time to take a class, start a new exercise routine, or join a club or volunteer group. Hale agreed that retirees v q scan be well-served to regularly participate in cognitively engaging activities.

SOURCES: Jo Mhairi Hale, PhD, lecturer, School of Cleaner and Sustainable Development, University of St.

Learn the warning signs of dementia. Of course, jobs are not the only way to stay mentally and socially engaged. From Healthy Resources Have You Noticed Problems With Your Memory.

But what about foods that might raise your risk for mood or memory problems, especially as you get older. Find out which potentially problematic items should make fewer appearances on your plate (or disappear altogether).

These foods, along with many packaged snack foods, are high in trans fats. A study from the journal Neurology found that older adults who had the highest levels of elaidic acid (a common type v q scan trans v q scan in their blood were the most more likely to develop dementia. The more you drink, the more difficult it may be to process new information or remember things.

Alcohol may also make you feel confused or depressed. If you want to keep your brain sharp as you age, steer clear of super-sweet drinks. Research has found that people who drink a lot of soda, sweet tea, and other sugary beverages are a lot more likely to have memory trouble. These drinks, which often have a type of sugar called fructose, might even cause certain parts of your brain to become smaller.

If regular soft drinks are bad for you, then sugar-free ones are good, right.



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