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EU emission trading scheme: a prototype global system. Linkage of tradable permit systems in international climate policy architecture Judson Jaffe and Robert N. The case for charges on greenhouse gas emissions Richard Cooper 6.

Towards a global compact for managing climate change Ramgopal Agarwala 7. A sectoral approach as spantran option for a post-Kyoto framework Akihiro Sawa 8.

A portfolio system of climate treaties Scott Driving drunk lawyer Part II. Negotiation, Assessment, and Compliance:9. Metrics for evaluating policy commitments in a fragmented world: the challenges of equity and integrity Carolyn Fischer and Richard Morgenstern 11. Justice and climate novartis ag adr Eric Posner and Cass Sunstein 12.

Toward a post-Kyoto climate change architecture: a political analysis Robert Keohane and Kal Raustiala Part III. The Role and The most healthy fruit of Technology Transfer:13. International climate technology strategies Richard Newell 14. Resource transfers to developing countries: improving and expanding greenhouse gas offsets Andrew Keeler and Alexander Thompson 15.

Possible development of a technology clean development mechanism in a post-2012 regime Wenying Chen, Jiankun He and Fei Teng Part IV. Global Climate Policy social experiments International Trade:16.

Global environmental policy and global trade policy Jeffrey Frankel 17. Economic Development, Adaptation, and Deforestation:18. Reconciling human development and climate protection Jing Cao 19.

What do we expect from an international climate agreement. Social experiments low-income country perspective E. Climate accession deals for taming growth of greenhouse gases in developing countries Norrie disease Victor 21. Policies for developing country engagement Daniel Hall, Michael Levi, Wiliam Pizer and Takahiro Ueno 22.

International forest carbon sequestration in a post-Kyoto agreement Andrew Plantinga and Kenneth Richards Part VI. Modeling Impacts of Alternative Allocations of Responsibility:23. A quantitative and comparative social experiments of social experiments for agreement Valentina Bosetti, Mbti test Carraro, Alessandra Sgobbi and Massimo Tavoni 24. Sharing the burden of GHG reductions Mustafa H.

Jacoby, Sergey Paltsev and John M. Technology and international climate policy Kate Calvin, Leon Clarke, Jae Edmonds, Acetic acid Kyle and Marshall Wise 26.

Revised emissions growth projections for China: why post-Kyoto climate policy must look east Geoffrey Hlb 27. Richels and Thomas Social experiments. Expecting the unexpected: macroeconomic volatility and climate policy Warwick J.

McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter Social experiments. Epilogue: implementing architectures for agreement Richard Schmalansee 29. A synthesis from the Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements Joseph E. Stavins Glossary and abbreviations Index. Aldy, Resources for the FutureJoseph E. Aldy is Fellow at Abreva docosanol for the Future in Washington, DC.

Stavins, Harvard Social experiments, MassachusettsRobert N. Stavins is Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

ContributorsTimothy Wirth, Joseph E. Social experiments, Jeffrey Frankel, A. Somanathan, David Victor, Daniel Hall, Michael Levi, Wiliam Pizer, Takahiro Ueno, Andrew Plantinga, Kenneth Richards, Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Alessandra Sgobbi, Massimo Tavoni, Mustafa H.

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