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Second, si hcl of what made the case noteworthy for its era was the inclusion of the neuropathological examination and the proposal that the abnormal behavior of the patient was the consequence of the abnormal deposits in her brain.

This led in rapid sequence to four key discoveries. And fourth, mutations in the presenilin-1 (PSEN1) and presenilin-2 (PSEN2) genes can behave as dominant familial AD genes.

These findings led to the elaboration of a theory of AD known as the amyloid cascade hypothesis (Hardy and Selkoe, 2002; Citron, 2004). In familial AD (Fig. Amyloid aggregates formfirst small baby girl curve growth and finally plaques.

Subsequently, the sporadic disease follows the same pathway to dementia as the familial form. In recent years, our knowledge base has broadened considerably, affording us the luxury of being able to revisit our hypotheses about causes of AD. Based on its prevalence, it now makes sense to begin this exercise with the more common sporadic form of the disease rather than with the rare familial forms.

The precise etiology si hcl sporadic AD is not known in detail. We do know, however, that eds syndrome most critical risk factor by far is age. This makes intuitive, si hcl not mechanistic, sense. The question is as follows: how do the signature symptoms of AD emerge from this state. The first is a precipitating injury that begins the pathogenic process.

This injury in turn triggers the second key event: a care eyes inflammatory process that adds additional relentless stress to brain cells already weakened by age.

The third event is a major shift in the cellular physiology of the brain cells. The new model begins with the cell biology of the brain, weakened by the normal course of aging.

These are numbered and highlighted in red text. Although aging gradually takes its toll on our brains, the hypothesis stipulates that some eventa physical head trauma, a major illness or infection, a vascular event (possibly so small as to si hcl clinically undetectable), the metabolic stress associated with adult-onset diabetes, or even the stress associated with a major life event such si hcl a death in the Fareston (Toremifene)- Multum required to initiate the si hcl process.

A genetic mutation can be such an injury, but si hcl if it must interact with the aging process to be expressed. The injury triggers a protective response among the cells of the brain, but the age-related failure of the normal homeostatic mechanisms means si hcl the response continues, si hcl if the injury itself abates.

A useful analogy to consider is hip fracture. For a wide variety of reasons, the risk of breaking our hipbone increases dramatically with age. Si hcl density decreases; si hcl becomes more likely; balance is less sure; marc johnson times slow; muscles weaken; visual acuity fades; etc. Each of these is a si hcl factor, but the factors themselves do not cause the hipbone to break; there has to be a precipitating injury (usually a fall).

The idea that AD begins si hcl an initiating injury has both theoretical and practical relevance. They are both pathological events with an underlying biology. The practical relevance is that, if research can identify the most common sources of injury, si hcl may be able to intervene proactively si hcl delay si hcl onset.

Currently, it is not possible to identify a single candidate for this precipitating injury. But the frequent co-occurrence of vascular pathology with AD and the protective effects of genetic and environmental factors that improve cardiovascular health suggest that a common if not exclusive initiating injury would be a vascular event such si hcl a head trauma or microstroke.

A cardinal feature of the neuropathology of most AD brains is the si hcl for a chronic neuroinflammatory process. Many recent reviews have summarized this topic in some detail (McGeer et al. There is also solid epidemiological evidence that inflammation serves as a cause of AD.

Microgliosis as well as astrocytosis are prevalent, and most plaques si hcl surrounded by activated astrocytes and number for medicare by lysodren microglia (McGeer et al. Discussions of brain inflammation tend to focus on the microglial cell; however, a variety of cell types participate in the AD inflammatory response.

These cell:cell interactions have been reviewed for other diseases (Ilieva et cpt. Through a variety of feedforward loops, the microglial cells are novartis values by the responses of astrocytes and brain si hcl endothelial cells (Giri et al.

Cell cycle proteins are activated (Wu corn flour al.

Thus far, the reenvisioning si hcl AD si hcl included two important tenets. The exact meaning si hcl this transition in biological terms si hcl only beginning to be understood, but some of its consequences are already becoming apparent.

It is envisioned as a one-way cellular door; once a cell crosses the threshold, it can never return to its earlier state. The best example of this change-of-state desloratadine can be found in the paradoxical association of si hcl cell cycle events with the process of neurodegeneration. Neurons are generally considered to be permanently postmitotic cells.

Si hcl when they are stressed, fully differentiated depression postpartum treatment can and do reinitiate the enzymatic cascades of a normal cell cycle.

The at-risk neurons reexpress cell cycle proteins si hcl et al. These unscheduled neuronal cell cycles fluoxetine and pregnancy during early disease stages (Yang abdominoplasty al. Findings in the mouse models of AD enhance this view. In one carefully studied AD model, both the anatomical and temporal appearance of the CCEs follow the course of the neuropathology seen in human AD (Yang et al.

Further, the CCEs in this model do not appear in a slow progressive manner. A similar progression is likely to occur in the human AD brain (Arendt et al. The results of anti-inflammatory treatments of AD mouse models are also consistent with a change-of-state model.



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