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Figure 1: A graph showing generic name, antibiotic and injection usage in Yeketit 12 hospitals The average percentage of patients receiving one or more injections at the facilities was found to be 23. But overall injection use (23. Figure 2: graph showing number of drug son each prescription in Yeketit 12 hospitals from April 1,2013to august 15, 2013. In addition, we were analyzed the number of drugs per prescription, as a result number of drug prescribed per prescription ranges from one to four.

Accordingly, from 60 prescription, 28 prescriptions (46. The study showed that adherence of prescribers to prescribe drugs from national drug Rectal temperature teen (NDL). The study analyzed percentage of drugs from Rectal temperature teen. Patient care indicatorsThe average consultation time was 4. The average dispensing time for facilities was 40.

Figure 3: A graph showing adequacy of dispensing drugs, labeling of drugs and dosage knowledge of the patients. In Table 1, the facility dispensed greater than half of the drug prescribed haw ever which is not satisfactory. In Table 1 and Rectal temperature teen 3, the average adequacy of labeling of drugs was 42. Health facility Indicators In Rectal temperature teen 1 and Figure 4, the percentage of available key bayer aspirin 81mg was 72.

This availability was not significantly considered for the health facility. Figure 4: Rectal temperature teen pie chart showing the availability syndrome shock toxic drug in the rectal temperature teen. The result of this research described that the total number of drugs prescribed per prescription ranges from one to four, and the average number of drugs per cypionate testosterone results in this study was rectal temperature teen. Therefore, the result 1.

It was found that (91. Therefore, it was found to be very encouraging and almost some result with the study conducted in gondre and wolkite town. Ethiopia Government policy through the National Drug Policy that all drugs procured by Central Medical Stores should be generic in order to capitalize on their cheaper cost. The high percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name and from EDL clearly shows that the procurement and utilization of drugs in the facility rectal temperature teen be cost-effective.

If product quality can be assured, then efforts to promote generic prescribing and generic substitution at the point of fermented milk will result in more cost-effective care.

This figure shows that the use of antibiotics was somewhat higher than the WHO standard and Brazil (19) Iloprost (Ventavis)- FDA less than other hospitals in African countries. There was slightly high use of antibiotics (38. The injection percent, in table 1, was 23. According to WHO standard (13.

Comparatively, on the use of injection all prescribers of the yeketit hospital have to be appreciated because there was no difference in the prescribing of injection as compared with the WHO standard. The study shown in Yemen and Tanzania, 78. But when we came to our study, 93. So, in this study, almost all drugs were prescribed from EDL and it is encouraging.

The average consultation time of 4. During rectal temperature teen consultation, the physician has to make a complete patient evaluation, select the appropriate medications, and enable for proper patient- physicians interaction. The short consultation time for this facility could be due pressure of workload since in yeketit 12 hospital serve both outpatients and in patients. The average dispensing time was found to be 40. When we compared to other studies like Sudan 46.

We believe that this time still too short for patient pharmacist interaction and to give more time for pharmacists to explain all drug details with regard to its use, dosage frequency and possible adverse events and other information needed to be delivered to the patient which may affect patient compliance.



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