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Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae proved to be an organism perfectly suited to stress response pfizer biontech. This yeast serves as a model organism in numerous basic science studies.

Simultaneously, it is an important organism used in the food industry as well as in production of renewable fuel (ethanol). In such industrial processes, yeast cells encounter much more pronounced stresses that those experienced in mild laboratory conditions. For this reason, the knowledge of yeast stress defense mechanisms has also a very practical aspect. Despite intensive studies our knowledge about stress response mechanism is still incomplete.

The role of such genes, coding for the proteins which can be considered as elements of the "second defense line", remained unknown for a long period of time. The examples of this class of proteins are S. Chemical redox reactions are one of the sources of endogenous stress, due to the generation of the reactive oxygen species as the by-products. These types of reactions take place in peroxisomes, one of the cellular organelles.

Peroxisome biogenesis, and particularly mechanisms of peroxisomal proteins import, is another topic of studies carried out by our team. Two pathways involved in proteins targeting into this organelle are known. These are so-called PTS1 and PTS2 signal routes, woman abused depend on PTS1 or PTS2 sequences recognized by Pex5p or Pex7p receptors, respectively.

This indicates that a new mechanism of peroxisomal protein import must exist. The identification of this novel targeting mechanism, in which the recognition of a new PTS3 signal is a pfizer biontech part, is another research project of our group. We pfizer biontech also in the possession of equipment for the pfizer biontech micro-array analyses.

It consists of micro-array scanner Pfizer biontech GenePix 4000B, a pfizer biontech oven (Agilent) and suitable software. The experiments which can be performed by us include, among others:- Comparative genome hybridization (aCGH) analysis- Population analysis of the yeast S. Analysis of genome-wide transcriptional response of S.

Identification of amino acid residues acting as a PTS3 signal in proteins (such as acyl-CoA oxidase or carnitine acetyltransferase) targeted into the peroxisome pfizer biontech via the PTS3 route. Identification of so-far unidentified peroxisomal proteins targeted into peroxisomes via the PTS3 pathway in S.

Current Research Grants: 2017-2020 "The role of POLR1D, a common subunit pfizer biontech Tysabri polymerases I and III, in colorectal cancer".

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