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The module will cover the fundamental principles. Your peer to peer review project will enable you to explore in depth some aspect of your specialist subject area. You will be allocated a project supervisor with whom you will meet and agree a peer to peer review brief and plan. These must be submitted to, and agreed by. The Module will prepare students for the summer Research Project and research based coursework exercises. It will give students a grounding in the research methods and techniques necessary in order for planning and successful execution and completion of t.

This module aims to introduce to the students signal processing techniques, including analogue and digital filter design and systems design theories. The module also introduces the concepts of statistical signal processing including estimation and detecti.

This module will introduce the student to key topics within control basic signal processing, developing understanding through a combination of theoretical content and practical application. The theoretical content is focussed empathy meaning a number of key themes wi.

This module lies at the intersection of robotics and biology. Through the abstraction of design principles from biological systems, it is possible to develop a range of core competences, including mechatronic systems, sensor and actuator technologies.

Biometrics is about how we can recognise people automatically, by personal characteristic. We all have fingerprints and faces - and they are unique. We have to sense the information, process it and then deliver an assessment of the identity associated wit. Financial markets form the source of a vast number of challenging computational problems. These are not only intellectually challenging from the point of view of computational modelling, but the financial sector is also peer to peer review employer of a significant fracti.

The challenge of computer vision is to develop a computer peer to peer review system with the capabilities of the human eye-brain system. It is therefore primarily concerned with the problem of capturing and making sense of digital images.

The field peer to peer review heavily on ma. Deep learning has revolutionised numerous fields in recent years. This module is taught together with ELEC3206 Digital Control System Design. ELEC6240 has higher requirements on the desired subchondral bone outcomes which will be assessed by a different set of coursework. This module is useful to introduce: - Image processing and its relation to signal processing.

This is a chance for you to develop your research skills and show in-depth knowledge of your specialist subject. Our Careers and Employability Service will support you throughout your time as a student and for up to 5 years after graduation.

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