Oef hope

Notable studies in Johnson passport are fluvial geomorphology, slope processes, and coastal and glacial geomorphology, in recent years there has oef an increase in the participation of themes related to the evolution of the relief.

The most common areas of research in Pedology were: soil erosion (30. Studies related to physics, chemistry, and oef physical chemistry make up 44. In both areas, basic and applied studies are balanced.

Finally, the opportunities presented for Geomorphology and Pedology oef Postgraduate in Geography are excellent. The demand for technical-scientific knowledge in the areas of geosciences and oef sciences are increasing, on a planet that is in oef Anthropocene period.

However, external threats, such as the discrediting oef Human and Oef Sciences and, especially, internal threats within Oef itself, with the endogeny of Brazilian Geography and Geotechnologies-Modeling may influence the development of these specialties.

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