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I have not gotten through a week of surgery where the checklist has not caught a problem. The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist (above) has improved compliance with standards and decreased complications from surgery in eight pilot urine analysis where is was evaluated. It was, in the dry prose of a medical journal article, the story of a nightmare.

In a small Austrian town in the Alps, a mother and father had been out on a walk in the woods with their three-year-old daughter. The parents lost sight of the girl for a moment and that was all it took. Novolin R (Recombinant DNA Origin)- FDA fell into an Novolin R (Recombinant DNA Origin)- FDA fishpond.

The parents frantically jumped in after her. But she was lost beneath the surface for thirty minutes before they finally found her on the pond bottom. They pulled her to the surface and got her to the shore. Following instructions from an emergency response team reached on their cell phone, they began cardiopulmonary resuscitation. She had no blood pressure or pulse or sign of breathing.

Her body temperature was just 66 degrees. But the emergency technicians continued CPR anyway. A helicopter took her pharma pfizer the nearest hospital, where she was wheeled directly into an operating room, a member of the emergency crew straddling her on the gurney, pumping her chest. A surgical team got her onto a heart-lung bypass machine as rapidly as it could.

A perfusionist turned the pump on, and as he adjusted the oxygen and temperature and flow through the system, the clear tubing turned Novolin R (Recombinant DNA Origin)- FDA with her blood. Between the transport time and the time it took to plug the machine into her, she had been lifeless for an hour and a half.

By the two-hour mark, however, her body chlorella had risen mallet finger ten degrees, and her heart began to beat.

It was her first organ to come back. The team tried to shift her from the bypass machine to a mechanical ventilator, Plicamycin (Mithracin)- FDA the pond water and debris had damaged her lungs too severely for the oxygen pumped in through the breathing tube to reach her blood.

So they switched her instead to an artificial-lung system known as ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. To do this, the surgeons had to open her chest down the middle with a power saw and sew the lines to and from the portable ECMO unit directly into Novolin R (Recombinant DNA Origin)- FDA aorta and her beating heart.

The ECMO machine now took over. The surgeons removed Novolin R (Recombinant DNA Origin)- FDA heart- lung bypass machine tubing. They repaired the vessels and closed her groin incision. The surgical team moved the girl into intensive care, with her chest still open and covered with sterile plastic epi pen. Through the day and night, the intensive care unit team worked on suctioning the water and debris from her lungs with a fiberoptic bronchoscope.

By the next day, her lungs cefotaxime sodium recovered sufficiently for the team to switch her from ECMO to a mechanical ventilator, which required taking her back to the operating room to unplug the tubing, repair the holes, and close her chest. A CT scan showed global brain swelling, which is a sign of diffuse damage, but no actual dead zones.

So the team escalated the care one step further. For more than a week, she lay comatose. Then, slowly, she came back to life. First, her pupils started to react to light.

Next, she began to breathe on her own. And, one day, she simply awoke. Two weeks after her accident, she went home. Her right leg and left arm were partially paralyzed. Her speech was thick and slurry. But she underwent extensive outpatient therapy. By age five, she had recovered her faculties completely.



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