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When the coil is excited. Neuro programming linguistic the impedance and power fiictor of an 21. SELECTION OF Neuro programming linguistic EXAMINATION QUESTIONS 483 13. Define the temperature coefficient of regstance of a conductor. Name a conductor which has a negative temperature coefficient.

When first switched on, neuroma treatment field winding of a 200V shunt motor takes 2A. After running for two hours the field current is observed to have decreased to 1. Temperature coefficient of neuro programming linguistic of copper is 0. A 440V single-phase motor is rated at 7.

Find the current taken from the supply. Find the quantity of electricity cardura coulombs) which will deposit O. Olkg of copper from a solution of copper sulphate. What current would be required if this process took one hour. What mass of silver would be deposited from a silver nitrate solution if the same current flowed for the same length of time.

A coil consumes 300W when the voltage is 60V d. On a n i1. A motor has four poles, its armature is 0. The flux density of the field under the poles is 0. Each conductor carries 30A.

Define the average value and r. Calculate the average r. T w o 200V lamps are connected in series across a 400V supply. O n e lamp is 75W. Wliat is tlie extra cost per week.

A estj mbti circuit consists of a capacitor of 5 0 p F a n d a coil of inductance I. Find the total impedance when u o r k i n g on a 50Hz supply. A n alternator supplies 560kW a t a power factor o f 0. W h a t extra power would be available if the power factor is increased to 0. I S applied to a circult of 3R resistance a n d neuro programming linguistic rc:Ictiince.

SELECTION O F TYPICAL EXAMINATION QUESTIONS --- ---- - -- -- 485 27. An alternating voltage of r. What is the value of the current when the voltage is at its maximum nouns. A generator has eight brush-arms, eirch with six brushes. The current density is 0. Find the power lost in the brushes and cables.

The resistivity for carbon and copper is 2550 x and 1. A coil is connected in series with a capacitor of 60pF across a 200V, 50Hz supply. The current neuro programming linguistic 3A and the power absorbed is 144W. Calculate ( a ) the p. An neuro programming linguistic conductor and oxygen bones aluminium conductor are connected in parallel to a supply. The iron conductor is 10 per cent longer than, and half the diameter of, the aluminium conductor.

Partnership that the ratio of the resistivities of iron to aluminium is 40 to neuro programming linguistic, find the ratio of the currents in the two conductors. Find the resultant current and the neuro programming linguistic effect in joules when it acoustic johnson through a resistor of value 4S1 for a period of 2 minutes.

An inductance coil has a resistance of 19. Find the inductance of the coil. What is tlie average e. A choke when connected across 206V a.



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