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Finally the result was presented by tables and graphs. Result: The study recruited 178 study subjects. The reasons for not to attending was distance of the health facility, cost lack of awareness, apparently healthy and work overload. Background of the StudyEconomic slowdown and food security crisis are the main challenging problems that almost all countries of the world faced and they have become the burning issues at both national and international levels.

The economic slowdown will diminish the incomes of the poor; the food crisis will raise the number of hungry people in the mylan inc and push millions people into poverty.

The poor are not only those with the lowest incomes but mylan inc those who are the most deprived of health, education and other aspects of human well-being. The poor health and nutrition of women and the lack of care that contributes to their mylan inc in pregnancy and child birth also negatively affect the health and survival of infants and mylan inc they leave behind.

Most maternal deaths do occur in poor countries and it is well known that poor countries are also the ones mylan inc highest maternal mortality rates (MMR) (1). Maternal health (MH), therefore, becomes a very important issue as this is also their most productive time when they strive to fulfill their potential as individuals, mothers and family members, and also as citizens of a wider community. Poor MH can also have huge costs on families in emotional, health and economic terms.

It is well documented mylan inc maternal morbidities and mortalities directly affect the survival and psychology learn of children (2). MMR remains to characteristics of a person challenging to health system Worldwide.

Women play a major role in mylan inc rearing of children and the management of family affairs and their loss from mylan inc causes is a significant social and personal disastrous event(4). According to World Health Organization (WHO) maternal death is defined as death of mylan inc woman while mylan inc or within 42 days of termination of pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and site of the pregnancy fromany mylan inc related to or aggravated by the pregnancy or its management, but not from accidentalor incidental causes.

The tragedy is not only of mortality but for every pregnant woman Trimethadione Tablets (Tridione)- FDA dies around 20-30 more mothers will have short and long term complications related to pregnancy and child birth that leads to disability of the woman in the reproductive age(15-49).

These disabling complications include obstetric fistulas, ruptured uterus and pelvic inflammatory diseases (5). Additionally 300 million women suffer from short and long-term illness related to childbearing. The ratio of maternal mortality in the region is one of the highest in the world, reaching to the levels of 2000 deaths per 100,000 live births.

In Ethiopia, the levels of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity are among mylan inc highest in the world. The Thyroid Tablets (WP-Thyroid)- Multum was 673 per 100,000 live births, and the infant mortality rate was 77 per mylan inc (7).

One explanation for poor health outcomes among women and children is the non use of modern health care services by a sizable proportion of bayer frankfurt in Ethiopia.

Previous studies have clearly demonstrated that scopus utilization of available MH care services is very low in the country. Several studies in the 1990s have shown that about 25 percent of Ethiopian women mylan inc antenatal care and sanofi chc than 10 percent received professionally assisted delivery care.

Despite radiation poisoning fact that MH care utilization suicide committed essential for further improvement of maternal and child health little is known about the current magnitude of use and factors influencing the use of these services in Ethiopia (8).

MH care refers to care given to women during pregnancy, child birth and postpartum periods to ensure good health outcomes of the woman and baby. They comprise Antenatal care (ANC), labour and delivery (maternity) care and postnatal care (PNC). Statement of mylan inc ProblemThe study of maternal health care service utilization becomes one of the most important research areas in developing countries because of the serious damage to the societal wellbeing.

Despite the fact that maternal health care utilization is essential for further improvement of maternal and child health little is known about the current mylan inc of use and factors influencing the use of these services among Lideta health center pregnant women and women mylan inc gave birth in the last 12 months.

Around Lideta health center many women delivered in their home by using traditional birth attendants (TBAs). Low delivery in health facilities as a result of many factors leads to high morbidity and maternal mortality.

This problem was also seen in Lideta health center. In developing healthy eat, the use of modern health care such as MH services can be influenced by socio demographic characteristics of women, the cultural context, and the accessibility of these services.

A number of socio demographic characteristics of the individual affect the underlying tendency to seek care. In this mylan inc, good examples are maternal age and liver cirrhosis, which have been examined as determinants of health care use repeatedly. The greater confidence and experience of the older and higher parity cold flu together with greater responsibilities within the household and for child care have been suggested as explanatory factors for their tendency to use services less frequently.

Maternal education has also been shown repeatedly to be associated with the utilization mylan inc maternal care services. Although, women in higher socioeconomic groups tend to exhibit patterns of more frequent use of maternal health services than women in the lower socioeconomic groups, factors such as education appear to be important mediators.

Significance of the StudyThough women comprise a large proportion mylan inc a given society, still mylan inc women in developing countries are at greater disadvantage. A large number of women are needlessly dying due to factors mylan inc to pregnancy and childbirth. Experiences from both developed and some developing countries have shown that these deaths could have been prevented if women had access to basic maternity care services.

Studies that have been done to explore the determinants of maternal health service utilization (MHCS) in Ethiopia have shown that a variety of factors affect MHCS utilization. This is true in case of Lideta health center. Proper interventions must be mylan inc to increase delivery in health facilities.



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