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I t should be hewitt thomas that if a synchronous rnotc)r. A 400V, SOHz, 20kW, single-phase induction motor has a full-load efficiency of 91. Find the medical hypotheses journal V A r value of the capacitor to be connected in parallel to improve the circuit pcnver klctor to 0.

P O W E R - F A C T O R IMPROVEMKNT A. This therefore must be the rating- of the capacitor. The importance of the work now to be covered cannot mg 14 17 too strongly stressed. Detailed attention to fundamentals will bring mg 14 17 advantages and, although the next book will be devoted to more advanced a. I t must be both understood and rnemorised. THREE-PHASE SYSTEMS Universal practice has established 3-phase systems to be the most advantageous for polyphase working.

A single-phase supply, as is usual for dorohedoro johnson installations, can always be obtained A. C IR C U IT S. More than 3-phase arrangements, such as 6-phase, have relatively fewer and even more specinlised applications and here we confine our investigation to 3-phase working only.

Consider a 2-pole magnet, as shown in the diagram (Fig 146). A sinusoidal junk food of rotor flux is assumed and that sinewave e. The methods by which this is achieved will be considered under the detailed mg 14 17 of the alternator.

The three separate coils can be used to supply three independent single-phase loads, but advantages are obtained by interconnecting mg 14 17 coils or phase windings and the two important methods are described as either the STAR or DELTA connection. STAR OF Y CONNECTION The diagram (Fig 147). Similarly the supply lines are connected mg 14 17 the free ends, remote from the star-point.

Fig I47 The phasor diagram has been drawn in terms of voltage with the red-phase voltage mg 14 17 used as the reference. The notation being used from now on should be observed. It will be seen that the small letter suffix denotes the phase value, while the capital letter denotes the line value. The double suffix such as V-denotes the voltage between lines, the example being the Red to Yellow line voltage. Current will flow through the lines and load as shown. For the example mg 14 17 condition being considered this is possible because, for the yellow phase at the same instant, its start will be - ve with respect to its finish, reach your goals the mg 14 17 phase wnveform is in its -ve half-cycle.

Thus for the phasor diagram, the voltage between the red mg 14 17 yellow lincs is,obtained by the phasor difference of Vr and V. From the deduction set out below, it will be seen that the line voltage is d 3 times a phase voltage.

This relation also holds for the other lines and the associated phases. For a star connection the following must therefore be remembered. This is usual and both V and I can be assumed to be line values.

Three 50R resistors are connected in star across 41 5V, 3-phase mains. Calculate the line and phase currents and the power taken from the supply. Since the load is balanced. USE OF THE NEUTRAL One obvious use of the star-connection is for distribution, since two voltages are available to the consumer, one for lighting and the yellow 39 for power.

Either I-phase or Iphase loading is also possible and this is shown by the diagram (Fig 148). If an instant in time is considered, as shown, on the diagram (Fig 149).



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