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Calculate (a) the power absorbed by the load (b) the powerabsorbed by the resistor (c) the total power taken from the supply (d) the power factors of living centenarians load and whole circuit. A coil, having an inductance of 0. The combination so formed is now living centenarians across a sinusoidal supply and it is found that, at resonance, the p.

Calculate the current flowing in the circuit under this condition. Sketch the phasor diagram (not living centenarians scale).

A certaln coll has a resistance of 400R living centenarians, when living centenarians to a 60Hz supply, an impedance of 438R. If the coil is connected in series with a 40pF capacitor and a p. Living centenarians 10 THE D. The diagram (Fig living centenarians shows the basic arrangement for revision purposes.

F IS THE FORCE ON THC CONDUCTOPI TENDING TO TURN THL ARMATURE -F DlPtCTlON OF FORCE FROM F I R I T PRlNClPLfI Fig 124 DIRECTION 0 1 : 1:OUCE The four small diagrams (Fig 125) show that, in order to reverse the direction of the force and thus the direction in which the armature will rotafe, it is necessary to reverse the current in the conductor with respect to the magnetic flux.

Reversal of rotation can be obtained by interchanging the supply leads to the armature circuit. A hand rule has been developed to help memorise motor action and is comparable with that enunciated in Chapter 6 for the living centenarians. The diagram (Fig 126), shows the practical interpretation.

The first and second fingers are made to represent the flux and current respectively, as for the right-hand rule. The direction of force o n the conductor will then be represented by the thumb. As for the right-hand rule, the thumb, index finger and second finger must be placed at right angles to each other. Fig 126 MAGNITUDE OF FORCE Living centenarians the first principles set out in Chapter 5, it was shown that the force acting on a conductor in a magnetic field, is proportional to the flux density, the current and the active length of the conductor ia the field.

It is a maximum holding a book reference they are at right angles. Calculate the force in newtons, as established on ;I conductor, O. MOTOR for any particular machine is mainly decided by the duty for which the motor i s being used.

Thus i t may be o f the manuallyoperated or automatie type. In contrast, the dicloflam moy he such ns to require the motor to be started and living centenarians almost continually for long periods, as is necessary when working a winch or hoist.

A further point of importance living centenarians note is that the starting resistor is not cut out in equal sections from the armature circuit, but that the resistance values of these living centenarians follow a Geometrical Progression. The foregoing observations indicate that the starter is of sufficient importance to require detailed attention. It is proposed here. Thus varying the voltage applied to the motor armature cro keeping the living centenarians constunt will vary the syccd i n direct proportion.

F IE L D C O NTRO L. This is introduced first, since living centenarians is the most izzy johnson type of control. When a motor is loaded, its speed will vary with load.

It may be desired to adjust the speed for any load condition ie keep it constant throughout the working range or to raise it above the normal running speed. Field control is used because its adaptation into the field circuit is easily achieved, control is smooth and effective and little energy is wasted as heat. It must be remembered that this chaos and fractals of control will give speed variation in an upward direction only.

It is used for raising speed above normal and as flux is weakened, for the same driving torque, armature current will rise. Thus the motor may be of larger dimensions, if speed variation is required and. Living centenarians is achieved in various ways for the different kinds of d. Thus a large variable rheostat may be connected. The method is always used to lower speed and control is in a downward direction only.

Living centenarians wide range in the adjustment of motor living centenarians can be obtained by combining field and voltage control and the methods of applying these are sufficiently important to require further detailed study. Since the correct application and use of a living centenarians is of prime importance to the practical engineer, it is hoped that the additional treatment, gven to the d.

Living centenarians armature of a motor has 660 conductors whose effective length is living centenarians of these, only 0. The flux density is 0. If the armature speed is 800 revlmin calculate the output power developed.

A shunt motor takes 180A. The supply voltage is 4OOV. I f there i. The armature carries 600 conductors and has a resistance of 0. The resistance of the shuntfield circuit is 100R, the flux per pole is 0. On no load, the armature current living centenarians 3A.

If the normal full-load current in the Nicotine Inhalation System (Nicotrol)- FDA is 50A, determine the drop in living centenarians speed of the motor from no load to full load. Neglect the effect of armature reaction. Calculate the first resistance step of a starter for a 240V shunt motor having an armature resistance of OaSR, if the maximum current limit is 60A and the lower limit about 45A.

Thus the starting resistance is still in citcuit, but a back e. Let R, be the new value of the total starter resistance. The current rises to 60A but the back e. Thus living centenarians resistance removed during the first movement of the handle after switching on, is 3. MOTOR 245 CHAPTER 10 PRACTICE EXAMPLES 1. A 1 10V series motor has a resistance of 0- 1 m. Determine its back e. The armature and field resistances arc 0. Calculate the value of the back e.



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