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Our colleagues at UCI include Arthur Lander, Thomas Schilling (who oversees cordless work on zebrafish that we pursue as part of our studies of CdLS), and Kyoko Yokomori (whose primary interest in CdLS is cordless chromatin structure and regulation of gene expression). The papers cordless from such studies are published collaboratively, with between two and four PIs cordless different members of the various laboratories taking authorships, as appropriate for a given study.

In cordless capacity, I work with many investigators on interdisciplinary research projects that integrate computational modeling, genomics, and high-throughput data gathering integrated with experimental developmental biology and genetics.

The systems for which our contributions have been most significant are the olfactory epithelium, neural retina, and gustatory epithelium of the tongue, although we currently have a project to study neocortex as well. During the review period, we have published a number of studies that cordless wet-bench experimentation with extensive mathematical analysis and cordless modeling, as well as some papers that are purely theoretical.

These studies are published collaboratively, with multiple PIs and members of the participating research groups taking authorships as appropriate for a given study. Our most recent work, published in 2016 in PLoS Cordless Biology, is a theoretical exploration of the ways in which feedback effects on stem cell cordless can serve as a driving force in morphogenesis (Kunche et al. Beites, Shimako Kawauchi, Rosaysela Santos, Kimberly Cordless. Gokoffski, and Anne L.

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