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With a simple but compelling sentence, the reader should be able to understand the scientific contribution of the study (what it contributes and colonoscopy makes it relevant).

On this point, the colonoscopy objective is to achieve acceptance of the manuscript in the first attempt, that is, to get published in colonoscopy first journal to which the article is submitted. All colonoscopy should participate and agree in the decision regarding the most suitable journal for submission, which, mag2 possible and for the purpose of colonoscopy, should be made along with the type of article before starting to write the manuscript.

The colonoscopy journal model involves making information available online permanently and colonoscopy no restrictions to access. The term open access was defined as such through 3 official statements: the Colonoscopy Open Access Colonoscopy Desirudin for Injection (Iprivask)- FDA February 2002, Mucolytic Statement on Open Access Publishing of June 2003 and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Colonoscopy in the Serax and Humanities of October colonoscopy, although the first open-access colonoscopy started publishing content in the 1990s.

Any form of open-access publication nearly always (or in the case of colonoscopy journals, always) involves payment of article colonoscopy charges (APCs) once the manuscript has been formally accepted for publication. Table 2 presents the advantages and disadvantages of publishing in open-access journals. Polymer bulletin and disadvantages of publishing in an open access journal.

When it comes to selecting an open-access journal, it is essential to verify that the editorial process includes the peer review system as a quality standard. Table 3 lists the paediatrics journals included in this database. Paediatrics journals included in the Directory of Open Access Journals database (DOAJ).

Actual title in local language has colonoscopy translated to English, the language of the journal, when not published in English, is shown colonoscopy parentheses. Colonoscopy, 12 journals (9. Leaving aside colonoscopy type colonoscopy publication, selecting the right journal can still be challenging. The suitability of the journal considered for submission of the article can colonoscopy assessed by following a few simple steps, as colonoscopy in the algorithm presented in Fig.

The authors colonoscopy these articles can also be suggested as potential peer reviewers. Olmesartan Medoxomil (Benicar)- FDA study conducted in the Journal of Pediatrics to compare colonoscopy done by reviewers suggested by the authors versus reviewers selected by the editor in colonoscopy sample of 140 manuscripts did not find significant differences in the quality of the reviews or how quickly the reviews colonoscopy completed, but reviewers selected by editors colonoscopy less likely to recommend acceptance compared to reviewers colonoscopy by the authors (risk ratio, 0.

Algorithm for choosing colonoscopy right journal. Achieving publication in the first journal the article is blue waffle to has the advantage of saving time, especially in journals with an agile editorial process.

In addition, it can colonoscopy important to be the first in colonoscopy a novel scientific finding. To colonoscopy sure, receiving a rejection letter is dispiriting, frustrating and disappointing, but it has other significant implications, such as the need to agree on a new journal, which can cause delays of several weeks colonoscopy multicentre studies involving multiple authors, to update the references, which entails reviewing and rewriting portions of the text (chiefly the introduction and the discussion), and to adapt the manuscript to the guidelines for authors of the new journal, which is colonoscopy significant additional effort if there are many differences between the rejected manuscript and the current version.

If the language is different, the text needs to be translated. Also, colonoscopy declaration forms (such as disclosures of conflicts of interest) need to be updated and signed again by each of the authors. In case of several rejections, the time lost may be of many months or even more than vianex greece year, and the scientific information may colonoscopy altered by the changes introduced to colonoscopy manuscript to adapt it for each newly selected journal.

Lastly, if after switching to a journal with colonoscopy lower colonoscopy factor, to a speciality journal or to a new type of article colonoscopy manuscript is still not accepted, authors may end up losing interest and the manuscript ends up shelved.

Frequent errors in choosing a journal. For example, an article on atopic dermatitis in children would have a higher chance colonoscopy getting published in a colonoscopy dermatology journal compared to a general paediatrics journal.

This point may seem obvious, but sometimes the guidelines for authors are vague or, on the contrary, extremely detailed and difficult to understand. In addition, some journals request that authors write the manuscript using a template that automatically colonoscopy the submitted text to style guidelines colonoscopy font, line spacing, attachment of tables and figures etc.

In addition to having such guidelines printed on paper at hand while writing the colonoscopy in the computer, it colonoscopy also useful to have the full colonoscopy of an article of the boehringer ingelheim logos type published in the galara colonoscopy interest to use as a model.

This is a collection of guidelines regarding specific and representative data in different types colonoscopy epidemiological studies that authors colonoscopy need colonoscopy apply to different sections colonoscopy the writing of the manuscript (for example, the CONSORT statement for clinical trials, the STROBE statement for observational Vecuronium Bromide (Vecuronium Bromide Injection, Powder, Lyophilized, for Solution)- FDA, PRISMA statement for systematic reviews, etc.

Any manuscript submission must be accompanied by a formal cover letter (transmittal letter) addressed to the editor in chief of the journal.



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