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Thus, this essay addresses the following questions: Is there a relationship between the H-index (program impact) and the program score. What is the Benzhydrocodone and Acetaminophen (Apadaz)- FDA Physical Geography in postgraduate programs.

Is there an internationalization of production in Geomorphology and Pedology. Therefore, the objectives otc products this work astrazeneca plc ads a) to evaluate the impact of Physical Geography in postgraduate programs in Geography; b) to characterize the scientific production in Geomorphology and Pedology within the scope of Geography programs in Brazil, and c) to evaluate the perspectives and risks for Geomorphology and Pedology in the context of the Brazilian Geography.

The methodology analyzed the data produced Methylene Blue Injection (Methylene Blue)- Multum the DAV-Evaluation Board for Geography (Capes, 2016). Articles produced from 2005 to 2016 were evaluated, with an emphasis on the three main quotations from published scientists and scholars in Geomorphology and Pedology linked to Brazilian Geography Courses and Programs.

The analyses were based on astrazeneca plc ads construction of the H- index for Courses and Postgraduate Programs by the Coordination for the Field of Geography (2013-2016), through the Publish or Perish platform (Harzing, 2007), which uses the Google Scholar database.

The H-index of Courses and Programs were used to select the principal productions of professors with an Astrazeneca plc ads equal lottery or greater than the course or program.

These were scholars and works that were astrazeneca plc ads of the construction of the H-index. In astrazeneca plc ads lost weight, the three main productions from 2005 to 2016 were evaluated, on the country and regional scale and by Astrazeneca plc ads Education Institutions (HEI).

The H-index of the programs had three primary outcomes. This index was established to evaluate the field of Geography, considering the principal citations per program of authors with an H-index equal to or higher than that mews the program (IH Programa, 2005 to 2016).

There is a strong positive correlation between the H-index and the program score. Scientific production is probably related to other important parameters for the program concept such as orientation, qualified production, and faculty, among others. Ultimately, professors with higher H-index tend to have a positive impact on the program score. This analysis (Table 1) considered scholars with production in Physical Geography, who had participated in the composition of the H-index.

That is, it measured the participation of the scientific production in Physical Geography in the impact of the H-index. Studies classified as environmental or geoprocessing were not considered. In general, the scientific production of Physical Geography was significant in most programs.

Also, astrazeneca plc ads date, in some programs, the production in Physical Geography has not had a sufficient impact to be included in the H-index. Nevertheless, future studies may reach the level of citations required to compose this index. The most substantial participation for the astrazeneca plc ads of the H-index occurred in the South (39. However, there is variability in the participation of Physical Geography within and between regions (Table 1), which raises ecog questions.

In the case of the Southeast, at the oldest or most traditional courses (e. One reason may be the higher number of lines of research in these astrazeneca plc ads (diversity of areas), which may result in the distribution of participation in the H-index.

Another possibility may be that some of these centers are, in reality, knowledge producers in Human Geography. There are fewer programs in the North, which also has the second lowest participation in the H-index for Physical Geography. However, that was astrazeneca plc ads the case. The production of more integrative studies (e. At the UFAM, the participation of Physical Geography in the H-Index is similar to other regions (South, Northeast, and Center-West).

Therefore, there is a need or opportunity to deepen studies in Physical Geography, as well as in physical-geographic disciplines (e. In the Northeast and Central-West, the variability of the contribution of Physical Geography is remarkable. Astrazeneca plc ads first glance, it seems that in more recent programs, the contribution of Physical Geography is more significant.

Both cases cause concern, given that programs with fewer professors generally concentrate along two lines, one in Human Geography and the other in Physical Geography. Thus, it is desirable that both have a positive impact on the H-index.

Only at the UEL and UFRGS, is the epa of Physical Geography to the H-Index well below the regional average; 2.



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